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About Us

Roylance Audiology is a privately owned company based in Salt Lake City.  We are dedicated to offering affordable ear wax solutions and our goal is to provide a customer focused service that delivers results and improves your quality of life.

Joshua Roylance is a Doctor of Audiology (Audiologist) who is passionate about assisting people with ear difficulties. He received his degree from the University of Utah and has helped many patients overcome their ear wax problems through his proven wax removal methods. Dr. Roylance recently returned to Salt Lake City after working in a private practice in central Washington and is excited to work with the great people in this area. He enjoys hiking and spending time with his family.

Sylvia Roylance is a registered dietitian, with a Masters in Nutrition and Food Sciences. Sylvia has a strong background in the marketing field and applies her experience to her current position as  scheduling and marketing specialist for Roylance Audiology. She loves working with people and is always happy to answer your questions and schedule your next appointment!

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